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Five Minutes with Artist, Maya Schulz

28 July 2023
Five Minutes with Artist, Maya Schulz

Our Pimlico Road Showroom’s resident artist, Maya Shulz, is a self-taught contemporary artist whose recent work explores the potential of layering in mixed media, to build depth of colour, texture and story. Using the power of colour, Maya strives to evoke a variety of deep and subtle emotions through her work. Ranging from realistic to abstract, each artwork has its own story, inspired by her rich heritage.

Looking to introduce a fresh aesthetic and an immersive artistic journey that complements our collections, Maya created a bespoke series of pieces that embodied the time-honoured craftsmanship and natural materials that sit at the heart of our products and collections, heavily influenced by life at the Foundry. 

Here we speak to Maya and delve into the inspiration behind her pieces at our showroom, as well as the experiences and influences behind her evolution as an artist. 


What was your inspiration behind the artwork on display in our London showrooms?

The inspiration came from my Serenity Collection which represents a state of peacefulness and calm. I have always loved the freedom that abstract art allows and I have been using natural elements such as gold, bronze and silver in my paintings. The Golden Web collection was created with Collier Webb in mind, I felt the natural elements used in my paintings complimented the materials used in Collier Webb’s beautiful lighting. I felt there was an elegance and beauty in bringing these two crafts together in a unique collaboration.


Can you elaborate on the influences that have shaped your artistic style and approach?

I was born during a civil war in Bangladesh, from a young age I used art to express myself. I fell in love with great impressionist artists li,e Cezanne, Degas, Gaugin and Van Gough. My biggest influences come from my rich heritage and culture. My art reflects the rich colours, vibrancy and beauty of growing up in a multicultural, diverse world.


Tell us a bit more about the process and methods behind the creation of your pieces

My more recent work explores the potential of layering, using fluid art and ditch pour technique created with gold, silver and blue hues in acrylics. Gold layering and metal leafing adds vibrancy and texture. I am fascinated by the power of colour and how it can evoke a variety of emotions, both deep and subtle. My basic principle and ethos when making abstract art are to remember to have fun in creating something unique. In my opinion, being playful is one of the most radical things an artist can do. An artist making an abstract artwork should be open to all the possibilities and directions in which the work could take them. In doing so, as an artist, I am allowing the process itself to govern the outcome rather than being overly analytical and critical of what I am doing. This period is all about process, method and materials. I fully engage with my paintings, looking to define bold forms against line, texture and tone. I try to be responsive to the painting and where it’s taking me.


What would be your key piece of advice for aspiring artists?

Focus on your journey and what you want to accomplish as an artist. Draw inspiration from the world around you. Be curious, try new things and never stop learning.  Find your own unique style and trust that your skills will develop over time via your own lens. Stay true to your vision and always seek to create art that you feel passionate about and enjoy.


What tips would you give to designers when purchasing art for their projects?

The Client’s Requirements: Take the time to consider what type of art your client will love. Not only does is complement the space, but does it speak to the personality of your client? 

Is it a good fit - Consider how the size of the painting will fit in the existing space and will the colours/material fit in with the existing style of decor. 

Quality and originality - Do your research when it comes to purchasing artwork. Ask about the history and provenance of the piece, as well as obtain a certificate of authenticity for the artwork.

Bespoke - This is a useful option if you have found the perfect artist and style but the size, colour and composition don’t work. Consider commissioning something bespoke where the artist can create something truly unique for your client and the interior.


How would you describe the evolution of your style over time?

My work ranges from realistic to abstract and has often been my solace through different phases of my life. My artwork expresses different parts of my personality, thoughts and feelings encompassing both hopes, fears and my observations of the world at that time. There are 3 repeated themes that fascinate and resonate with me. 

·       Expressing emotion through colour and texture - expressing the range of feel-good, positive and inspiring emotions. 

·       Transcendence and discovery: I want my work to submerge people in a different reality or place. I hope that others find a sense of solace, healing and hope through engaging with my art.

·       Personal Freedom & Self Love: I have strong beliefs about people being able to express who they are without shame or judgement irrespective of cultural and societal expectations. My fashionista collection I portrayed themes of self-empowerment, attitude, being fabulous and believing in oneself.