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Our in-house team of designers and makers have created a stylish, expertly crafted collection of portable table lamps consisting of ten designs. Included are miniaturised versions of existing collection pieces, alongside brand-new designs – all with our signature aesthetic and made with substantial, solid brass.

Luxury rechargable technology

Our Portable Collection table lamps all come with the latest rechargeable technology powered by Neoz.

Each battery has an average life of 10 hours. To recharge simply place the lamp on one of our charging platforms which can be ordered as single units, or for multiple orders with 4 or 12 charging ports.

Ideal for bar tops or dining settings

All of the pieces in the Portable Collection have a modest height and three brightness settings, making them ideal for dining tables, bar or countertops and side tables.

Discreet yet understated

At a discreet height, the Portable Collection is ideal for dining. Its wind-proof design also makes it the perfect addition to outdoor entertaining areas.