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With its sleek, mid-century, modernist composition, our original Metal Cep table lamp has been playfully enlarged, miniaturised and reimagined to create a joyful family of lighting products.

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Reimagining classic designs 

Our classic Metal Cep, made in brass has been joined by: Painted Cep which is in a choice of 'RAL K7 CLASSIC' colours, and the Alabaster Cep, which is sculpted from a translucent mineral with brass detailing.

Work of art

Choose from 213 RAL K7 CLASSIC Colours or select from a few of our Design Team's favourites. The Painted Cep shown above is in 'RAL 3012 Beige Red'

Size up or down

The latest edition to join the collection is a portable version of our Small Cep, the Mini Cep. Fitted with the latest rechargeable technology powered by Neoz, our handcrafted Mini Cep lights have a battery life of over 10 hours making them the ideal design for hotel and restaurant lighting. In comparison to our Largest Cep, measuring an impressive 600mm in height.

The Large Cep provides a striking focal point to a room and works well in a contemporary study as an oversized desk lamp.