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These luxury lighting pieces are all beautifully crafted and creatively engineered. They exude a unique, timeless style that perfectly portrays the Collier Webb aesthetic and celebrates our well-established connection with the interior design community.

Featured Products

Considered Form and Function

Each piece in the collection demonstrates discerning form and of course, optimal function.

Tactile and Perfectly Formed

Whether it be one of our hand-applied brass patinas that include our renowned brass, copper and bronze finishes, the finest alabaster or our luxurious leather, each of our carefully considered materials combines harmoniously to enhance the tactility and atmosphere of a room.

Future Heirlooms

The Icons represent our passion for excellent design, each piece was created to surpass trends and to become future heirlooms.

Timeless Glamour

Each piece has been carefully selected, providing an abundance of timeless glamour.

One of a Kind

Whether you’re selecting lighting for an entrance hall, bathroom or sitting room, our Iconic lights are available in array of styles and finishes.