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At Collier Webb, we have adopted these bold and timeless aesthetics in many of our collections with a nuanced take on the Art Deco style.

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Video Podcast

By The Furnace

The essence of “By The Furnace” lies in fostering a meaningful dialogue between accomplished designers and makers.

Through this video podcast series, we aim to showcase the remarkable alliances between creative minds and master craftspeople – an interplay that brings exceptional designs to life.

Collier Webb is a third-generation family business, steeped in history, heritage and tradition. Our products incorporate traditional craft techniques with modern technologies and timeless design principles in order to create exceptional pieces, accommodating to both classic and contemporary styles.

Cedric Collection
About us

Our Heritage, Our Craft, Our People

At the Collier Webb Foundry and Workshop, we have manufactured brass, bronze, aluminium and silver castings for over 45 years.

By perfecting the traditional techniques of lost wax and sand casting, we have been able to produce a distinct collection of lighting, furniture and hardware, which have been specially designed to assist interior designers, architects and restorers with their projects.