The Hope curtain tieback is based on an intricate Neoclassical hardware design, dating back to 1805 and forms part of the Historic Range by Edward Bulmer.

Inspired by an original design by Thomas Hope, who many consider to be the foremost Neoclassical designer of his generation.

Thomas was a rich amateur, decorating for himself, his reputation was made by the publication of the designs he employed in 1807. They combined room views and elevations of the furnishings in a way that it was easy for cabinet makers to emulate. His sources were Grecian but their application borrowed from French design, particularly in the use of ormolu mounts.

This ornate tie back is cast using the traditional lost-wax method and coloured using hand applied antiquing and colouring.

Seen here in Antique Brass and available in any of our metal finishes.



Antique Brass
Antique Bronze
Antique Copper
Antique Gilt
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Dark Bronze
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