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24 August 2022

To celebrate the recent Platinum Jubilee, we are looking back at our collection of luxury signature products and the cultural influences found in each piece. We have curated an edit dedicated to celebrating the diversity within British design today, and the origins of some of our favourite products, all of which are handcrafted in England.

British lighting and furniture is extremely popular amongst collectors around the world due to the timeless elegance and important ties to British history, culture and tastes. Our entire collection is built around our British heritage, and the blend of international influences in our designs is a testament to the beauty found within the diversity of 2022 Britain.

Some of the influences seen in many of our luxury pieces derive from French and Italian origins, and the styles from these regions have certainly been a catalyst in the evolution of our product catalogue, as well as British design as a whole.

We curated The Great British Edit to showcase the products that represent our British heritage, and further to that, the multicultural styles and techniques that have shaped what British design looks like today.


Norman Globe

Forty eight brass framed glass facets seamlessly combine to create the unified profile of our Norman Globe lantern, named after the award winning hotel in Tel Aviv for which it was first commissioned.

Clipper Wall Light

Inspired by marine and railway lighting of the industrial past, our Clipper wall light is machined from solid brass and accentuated with a card or silk shade.

Mini Glass Drum

The Mini Glass Drum features all the expert craftsmanship and exquisite detailing of our table lamp collection with the convenience of rechargeable technology. A beautiful glass shade sits on an expertly wrapped leather stem with brass detailing. The solid brass base encloses the rechargeable battery which has an average life of 10 hours.


Ramsay Coffee Table

The Ramsay Coffee Table features sleek brass uprights with decorative turnings and elegantly tapered feet that combine beautifully with the glass shelving.

Cannon Table Lamp

Our Cannon table lamp is taken from traditional design, yet its form is refreshingly contemporary. The body is crafted from sheets of spun brass which sits atop a heavy brass casting.

Strata Mirror

Our Strata Mirror features a textural cast brass frame with hand sculpted stratified details along with a hand applied metal finish.