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Sand Casting & Pouring

For casting larger items with simpler shapes and less detailing, ‘Sand Casting’ is the preferred method. It is also faster and more economical.

The textured surface of sand cast metal is not as smooth as that produced from the ‘Lost Wax’ process but it can be polished or left as a decorative finish in its own right. Castings with relief surface patterns or textures can be aesthetically enhanced by polishing the surface highlights and leaving the background natural.

The sand casting process requires a solid pattern for copying, a sand mould, metal ingots and a furnace. The pattern is used to form cavities in the compacted sand of a two-part mould into which molten metal is poured. When cool, the sand mould is separated along the parting line dividing the two halves of the mould and the solidified casting is removed for cleaning and polishing.