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Spotlight on Craft – Pattern Making

15th June 2021

Our team of brass casting experts includes our inhouse Pattern Maker, Adam. Occasionally seen at our London Showrooms discussing his work and providing visitors with a glimpse of his creative expertise, Adam has been part of our Foundry team for nearly 10 years.

Adam - pattern maker at bespoke brass casting foundry Collier Webb taken by Alun Callender
Adam at the Foundry with a pattern for a customised Messenger Palm lamp. Photographed by Alun Callender

His previous career as a full time potter saw him creating earthenware pieces for his own shop in central Eastbourne. His love for craft and history also lead him to work for English Heritage as a carpenter.

A chance meeting while searching for a local foundry to assist him in the production of bronze swords (armoury is another one of his passions!), he was introduced to Collier Webb and has been working here as our pattern maker ever since.

In a similar vain to his pottery, Adam uses oil based clay to sculpt bespoke patterns for lighting, furniture, hardware and ornamental pieces. Much of his work is highly detailed, often inspired by historical designs from the 18th and 19th century. Along with brand new designs commissioned by our international client base, Adam has also worked on a wide range of restoration projects. These have included anything from brass wear ornaments to large scale lighting fixtures.

“A recent favourite was a plinth mounted lantern for Charring Cross station. We were asked to recreate a lantern to match other pre-existing pieces. It was a replica of a Victorian gas light standing at around 1.5m – a fascinating, highly decorative piece which was great to work on.”

No stranger to more contemporary pieces, Adam has also worked on some extremely unique items including door and cabinet hardware cast from a clients hands and feet.

“I went through a period where I had some very life like limbs on my workbench – quite the talking point!”

Adam - pattern maker at bespoke brass casting foundry Collier Webb
Adam at his bench working at the Collier Webb Foundry

Adam also spends time customising pieces from our lighting and hardware collections. One that springs to mind is a version of our Messenger Palm light. A new base was sculpted and moulded to create a one-off lamp that stood at around a metre in height.

Collier Webb Owl table lamp
The Owl lamp, one of Adam's favourite pieces
a bespoke Owl table light created at the Collier Webb brass casting foundry
A clay pattern of the miniature Owl created by Adam

“My favourite lighting piece has to be the Owl lamp. It has some really lovely details and I was also able to create a smaller version a few years ago which was fun.”

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