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Spotlight On Craft – Danielle Collier

6th January 2021

Danielle is the third generation of the Collier family to lead Collier Webb.

A passion for metal casting has passed down through three generations, beginning with Danielle’s grandfather, Cedric. His hobby – casting small decorative items from his garden shed in the South-East of England, became a way of life for the entire family. 40 years later and the hobby turned business has grown exponentially and Danielle has been a key figure at the Foundry for 10 years.

Ten years of working with family comes with its challenges but I’m lucky to have learnt from the best. Geoff, my dad, mastered his craft via my grandfather 40 years ago.”

metal casting foundry - Collier Webb based in the South-East of England
Danielle with her father and Collier Webb MD, Geoff Collier - photographed by Alun Callender


“Our Shitake table lamp is a personal favourite. I love the combination of the leather and brass coolie shade. I have one with red leather and an Antique Gilt shade which I love!”

“When it comes to watching things being made at the Foundry, I always enjoy seeing our Bamboo mirror come together. It involves so many of our craft techniques such as lost-wax casting which is a fun one to get hands-on with!”

Collier Webb Shitake - a leather a brass table lamp
"I love the combination of the leather and brass coolie shade." - Danielle on the Collier Webb Shitake table lamp
Collier Webb brass Bamboo mirror
The Collier Webb Bamboo mirror, handcrafted using the traditional lost-wax method of casting


“I’d advise any aspiring interior designers to spend time understanding how the products they select for their projects are made – you and your client will cherish them all the more for it.”

To find out more about our South Coast Foundry and our lighting please feel free to contact us at enquiries@collierwebb.com