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Five Minutes with Samantha Todhunter

2nd April 2020

We talk to luxury interior designer Samantha Todhunter, the master of easy, modern glamour, about her design inspiration, how she’s coping with the UK’s current lockdown and her love for blossom branches, jigsaw puzzles and bathrooms!

Samantha Todhunter Design 
After starting out as a design assistant for Vogue Living I spent 15 years working as an art director with interiors magazines. I was then asked by a friend to ’style’ his house in South of France and that just led on to more projects, the studio evolved from designing at my kitchen table to the practice we have today.

Luxury interior design by Samantha Todhunter
Samantha Todhunter

Our projects are predominantly based in the UK across London and the surrounding counties, but I have done a lot of work in the US over the last couple of years – with some great homes in Chicago, San Francisco & Aspen. We have also worked in France and Switzerland.

Signature look 
An easy, modern glamour.

Advice for aspiring interior designers
I would say always go with your gut, and try not to compromise. Obviously things like budgets get in the way of this but try and stick with the essence of your design integrity because then the outcome is most always the one you are happiest with.

New project inspiration
The basic bones of the house play a huge part in how the project develops but essentially the client and their personal brief shape the scheme, so the bolder the brief the better.
It could be the blank canvas of a room that sets the tone, or it could be a star piece of furniture, artwork, rug… each project has its own starting point.

A bathroom in a luxury interior design project by Samantha Todhunter Design
An outstanding master bathroom designed by Samantha for a client in Aspen
Climbing Leopard runner by DVF for The Rug Company at Samantha Todunter's home
The Climbing Leopard runner by DVF for The Rug Company at Samantha's Oxfordshire home
blossom at Samantha Todhunters Oxfordshire home
Freshly picked blossom branches at Samantha's Oxfordshire home

Favourite room to design 
I’ve been thinking about this and bizarrely I think my answer is a bathroom!

Favourite room in your home
Having just finished the restoration of our house in Oxfordshire I am literally hard pressed not to say I love every single room! I’ve taken pleasure in designing each room to my exact specifications.

Favourite item in your home
The staircase fitted with a Climbing Leopard runner by DVF for The Rug Company, 12 leopards prowl down the stairs towards the front door.

Home comfort
I am madly picking blossom branches to arrange in vases and planting hyacinths in my Matilda Goad cachepots – good smells and fresh greenery work wonders.

A luxury interior design project in London by Samantha Todhunter featuring a console table by Collier Webb
A Maida Vale entrance hall featuring the Lacquer Console table by Collier Webb
luxury bedroom by Samantha Todhunter Design featuring Collier Webb Scallop mirrors
A luxurious bedroom featuring Collier Webb Scallop mirrors
Bespoke door hardware by Collier Webb for Samantha Todhunter Design
The Collier Webb Urchin Door Knob specified for Samantha's Lansdowne Crescent project

While away the hours
We are deeply into jigsaw puzzles right now (hours of entertainment), James Bond movies and a daily run!

Post lockdown
I look forward to visiting E+O Restaurant in Notting Hill and getting back to my studio in Chelsea!

Upcoming projects
We are working on a house in San Francisco and have some great London projects in the pipeline, we can’t wait to share them soon – there are some really fun signature pieces in each one.

Favourite Collier Webb pieces
I think my first order was one of your wonderful Sea Urchin door knobs – in bronze for a house in Notting Hill, and the obsession grew from there.
I love so much of what you do! But my collaboration with CW probably has to be the answer, but I wouldn’t want to choose between our Martini, the Mini Franks or the Lacquer Console!

To find out more about Samantha’s projects visit her website samanthatodhunter.com