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Five Minutes with Rosanna Bossom

15th April 2020

Rosie Bossom, having gained a wealth of industry experience, opened her interior design studio, Rosanna Bossom Interiors in 2014. Known for her eclectic style and striking yet undeniably comforting use of colour and pattern, Rosie talks to us about her career defining project with Rifat Ozbek, her love for kitchen design and how she’s keeping busy during the UK’s lockdown.

Rosanna Bossom Interiors
After graduating from KLC in 2008, I went to work for Thorp Design, a high-end interior design firm based in Knightsbridge where I worked on various residential projects ranging from apartments in London to large Country Estates. In 2010 I began working for Lambart & Browne, a newly formed design firm specialising in luxurious design for private and commercial clients. During my 3 years at Lambart & Browne I worked alongside couture designer Rifat Ozbek on the design, procurement and installation of Loulou’s nightclub, 5 Hertford Street. It was this project that gave me my start into setting up Rosanna Bossom Ltd as the top two floors of 5 Hertford Street was my first project working again with Rifat Ozbek.

Rosanna Bossom Interior Designer
Rosanna Bossom
Rosanna Bossom Interiors sitting room
"I love my ottoman which we designed ourselves, it gets a lot of attention from people who come over."
Loulou’s at 5 Hertford Street
Loulou’s at 5 Hertford Street featuring bespoke Steppe Wall Lanterns by Collier Webb

The majority of our projects are in the UK, mainly London and Gloucestershire, but we have been luckily enough to have worked on some fun projects in Paris, Istanbul and currently one in NYC.

Signature look
Having worked alongside courture designer Rifat Ozbek on many projects I am constantly inspired by his fearlessness of clashing patterns and colours! I would say at Rosanna Bossom Interiors we try to take risks and be bold with our use of colour, texture and pattern. I think over time the fear of taking these risks has lessened.

Who inspired you to become an interior designer
My Grandmother had a great eye, she introduced me to House & Garden magazines and Colefax and Fowler chintz’s from an early age!

Advice for aspiring interior designers
Try to find your niche, whether it’s a certain design era that really resonates with you, antique furniture/textiles or a love of colour and pattern. Look at other designers for inspiration and guidance but try to carve out your own style so you can stand out amongst the many, many designers that are out there!

New project inspiration
For us, the building itself is always the starting point, taking into account the context, architectural features and period before beginning the creative process. The process itself varies from project to project depending on the scope but essentially, it’s the space planning to begin with, specifying the hard finishes throughout like stones and timbers, architectural features like cornicing, fireplaces etc and then comes the fun part – scheming.

For a room design, a favourite fabric or a piece of art can often be the starting point. It’s important for something to ground everything together and this could be something as big as the colour of the walls or something small like a patterned cushion.

Favourite room to design
I love designing kitchens. Often this is the hub of the house where people gather and spend most of their time so it’s very important this space reflects how the person lives. There are endless ways of being creative with kitchens, like sourcing an antique dresser to display beautiful crockery or finding that perfect marble for a worktop/splashback.

Rosanna Bossom interior design
"I love designing kitchens. Often this is the hub of the house where people gather and spend most of their time"
Rosanna Bossom interior design London
"I have recently wallpapered my Dressing Room in Iksel’s ‘Kubilai’s Tent’, ceiling included!"

Favourite room in your own home
I have recently wallpapered my Dressing Room in Iksel’s ‘Kubilai’s Tent’, ceiling included! It makes the room feel like you’re in a Bedouin tent.

Favourite item in your home
I love my ottoman which we designed ourselves, it gets a lot of attention from people who come over. It’s octagonal shaped with upholstered sides in an Ikat fabric we bought in Istanbul. It’s also openable so great for storing things you want to hide away! It’s part of our furniture collection and we love experimenting with different Ikats.

Home comfort during lockdown
Painting a room is a great distraction and perfect way to while away the hours. Lining drawers with some leftover wallpaper or upgrading your wardrobe doors with some new handles.

While away the hours
Getting lost in those coffee table books that you haven’t opened in a while, pressing and framing flowers, making photo albums you’ve been meaning to do for ages! Ozark on Netflix is amazing and there’s 3 seasons so plenty of material to get stuck into!

Post lockdown
I think I’m just looking forward to the simple things like getting a coffee in the morning on my way to the office and being able to see my team in person and get back to working on our projects together!

Upcoming projects
A few exciting things in the pipeline including a beautiful house in the Cotswolds which will require lots of antique hunting, going to auctions and sourcing some real gems which we are looking forward to!

Favourite Collier Webb pieces
Working with Rifat Ozbek on the interior of Loulou’s, we used custom made Collier Webb Steppe Wall Lanterns. They were sprayed dark red and the glass panes were replaced with parchment for a softer glow.
I also love the leather wrapped Salon Étagère. Sapphie’s dream piece would be the Alabaster Shot Wall Lights for her bathroom and Connie’s favourite piece would have to be one used in a recent project, the beautiful and elegant Drum Table. But there are so many beautiful items in the Collier Webb collection.

Find out more about Rosanna Bossom and her projects at rosannabossom.co.uk