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Five Minutes with Oro Bianco

27th July 2020

Founded in 2011, luxury interior design studio, Oro Bianco create truly unique residences with an emphasis on artistry and craftsmanship. We talk to their Creative Director, co-founder and award-winning architect, Luigi Esposito whose childhood passion for architecture has lead him to design the interiors for some of the world’s largest residential projects.

Luigi Esposito - Creative Director & CEO, Oro Bianco
Luigi Esposito - Creative Director & CEO, Oro Bianco

Oro Bianco
Oro Bianco was established by Killian Lynch, Stefania Mazzarini and myself in 2011 to focus specifically on the luxury residential section. By providing a detailed design process through our architectural and interior design services we deliver exclusive, tailored projects to our global clients.

We have worked mainly on residential projects, varying from a 4,000 square foot apartment by the Thames to a 164,000 square foot family residence by the Indian Ocean in Mumbai. Our work on a private villa in Dubai led to us being appointed to design a 10,000 square foot Presidential Office suite of VIP offices inside the Crown Prince Court in Abu Dhabi.

Signature style
Oro Bianco projects are timeless and classical with contemporary accents tailored to enhance the quality of living of modern lives.

Oro Bianco Connecticut residential project
A hanging lantern designed by Oro Bianco for their Connecticut residential project. The lantern was created at the Collier Webb Foundry and the first of several commissions for this beautiful, organic bamboo pattern.
Oro Bianco Connecticut residential project
Another image of Oro Bianco's beautiful Connecticut residential project

Interior design journey
I was born in Brazil, a modern country, but having an Italian father I grew up traveling to Europe and other South American countries, which gave me the opportunity to experience different places and cultures. The distinct styles of architecture of other countries always fascinated me until I started to understand that architecture was the mother of all arts. Architecture influences our lives, 24 hours a day we are surrounded by forms of architectures from landscapes to urban spaces to our homes. I have always been interested in all kinds of art but my main passion is architecture and interiors because of the way they influences our lives.

Favourite projects
We have been fortunate enough to work on beautiful residential projects in London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, New Delhi, Mumbai and Connecticut. Currently we’re working in Bangalore designing an incredible penthouse for the Four Season Residence Tower. Last year we finished a 64,000 square foot private villa in the Middle East, which featured a huge amount of bespoke furniture and decorative lighting our client commissioned directly from our studio, including almost 150 pieces of amazing lights and furniture Collier Webb produced from our studio designs. To balance that, I also curated a treasure of antiques, another one of my passions. I will always remember how enjoyable this project was and how pleased the client was as we delivered an absolute masterpiece.

Advice for aspiring interior designers
In order to work with wealthy individuals and deliver their dreams and aspirations, we designers must develop a sense of distinction. We need to understand that in order to be successful, our designs will need to facilitate the user’s life. Our designs will need to be exclusive and beautiful but above all they will need to be functional and durable. To understand quality is paramount, and whenever I am designing I always think that I want the grandchildren of my clients to experience what I am designing today. I want our designs to last generations. 

Design influence
When I start a new project, my main inspiration is the client I am designing for but I also need to understand the surrounds of the project or building. If it is an existing building I need to learn if the building holds any relevant history and if there are existing architectural heritage points to be restored and returned to life. Sometimes a piece of an original cornice brings the whole design concept.

bespoke outdoor lighting
"...they are really pieces of jewellery in the garden" Luigi on the outdoor bespoke lighting created for Oro Bianco's Dubai project
large bespoke light by Collier Webb
The Arabesque Chandelier created at the Collier Webb Foundry, one of many pieces designed by Oro Bianco for their extensive Dubai project

Most challenging project to date
The 164,000 square foot family residence in Mumbai. As well as being the interior designers, we were the main project coordinators and our mission was to seamlessly coordinate the interior design with all other aspects of the project, such as mechanical and engineering. We worked with the main architects from day one, it was a very complex and technical project but this is where our strength is.

Our largest commission from Collier Webb to date was for the project I mentioned above for a private villa in Dubai. Besides several extraordinary lighting fixtures Collier Webb manufactured for us we developed the outdoor lighting collection and they are really pieces of jewellery in the garden and external walls, while the outdoor chandeliers really look like rare earrings. I trust the Collier Webb team and appreciate the quality of the products. Your team understands the importance of maintaining the integrity of a bespoke design and finding the best manufacture solutions.

Bespoke design process
Wealthy individuals usually prefer exclusivity, so we need to think and design along these lines. The design process is spontaneous and when a project is commissioned it is like the client triggers our design process. From that moment our team starts to design and at some stage these designs start to fall in place. The process becomes a “domino effect” as one thought triggers the next thought and soon all rooms start to have their own shape and form – it really is team work! But the starting point is ‘THE VISION’, which Stefania and I, as Creative Directors, are responsible for creating. Once we have ideas, in the form of sketches, we pass these along to our Product Designer Umberto Aloi, who is amazing at detailing them into beautiful product drawings, which subsequently we develop with manufacturers such as Collier Webb.

Armoury Globe Hanging Lantern by Collier Webb
The Collier Webb Armoury Globe, "This is still my favourite piece and we’re using them in our current Bangalore project."

Made in Britain
To us “Made in Britain” means quality and heritage, it also means we can communicate easily with our manufacturers, on a daily basis if needed, and regular factory visits allow us monitor and tweak production to ensure the best result possible. This localised production process gives our clients confidence to commission bespoke designs that overseas production might complicate.

Favourite Collier Webb pieces
The product that caught my attention and made me aware of Collier Webb many years ago was the Armoury Globe with glass panels in emerald green. This is still my favourite piece and we’re using them in our current Bangalore project.

To find out more about Oro Bianco visit their website orobianco.studio