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Five Minutes with Lisa Henderson

18th June 2020

Dallas based interior designer Lisa Henderson started her career at the legendary Cathy Kinkaid design studio. Having developed a love for traditional interiors, Lisa founded her own interior design studio ten years ago. Using her knowledge of traditional interiors, adding a modern take and some beautifully invigorating colour palettes,  Lisa creates comforting homes that exude their owner’s personalities. We talk to Lisa to find out more…

Lisa Henderson Interiors
I began my career at the respected and renowned Cathy Kincaid Interiors but my interest in interiors began in childhood. The seed to becoming an interior designer was planted in high school by my Bible study leader, who was an interior designer. We spent a lot of time in her home which was not very big, but the way she designed her space made it feel so cosy with all of its layers. I remember feeling the warmth and how inviting it was. I always felt welcomed and comfortable. It was the kind of place you just wanted to go to.

Five years after started at Cathy Kincaid Interiors, in 2010 I founded Lisa Henderson Interiors. I have been able to combine my love for travel, antiques and art; and have enjoyed working with various clients across the country. First impressions are everything and when someone enters a home I have designed; I want them to be able to learn something about the family who lives there. I do this by building scalable designs to create an acquired look for family-friendly spaces. Building, and layering aspects of design and life are two key elements I have carried with me throughout my career.

Residential projects are my absolute favourite, whether in Dallas or other parts of the country like New York City, California or Colorado. My favourite type of project is one where we have a great relationship with the client. Where they have fully entrusted us to fulfil their vision and function for their home. Another big project that has been in the works is my textiles line. I have always appreciated prints and now this labour of love is being incorporated into my designs. I’m excited about the growth of Lisa Henderson Textiles and how it has allowed us to utilise well-made, custom materials in clients’ homes. From lampshades to drapes and headboards and sofa cushions, it has been really inspiring to see how other designers use the prints in their designs.

Signature look
Traditional but fresh and lively with lots of colour. I love using colour to bring life to a space. Some feedback I’ve received on my work is that people are drawn to it because it has “life” and that it truly shows that a family lives there.

Advice for aspiring interior designers
Two things— One, you must work for someone before starting your own firm— and for a while, at least five years. Second, if you decide to go out on your own the best advise I received was that you have to be hungry to make it work! When I was coming into the field I started working for Cathy Kincaid. That is where I learned EVERYTHING! After five years, I decided to go out on my own in 2010 and have stayed hungry ever since.

Project inspiration
The clients’ interests play a big role with how we start any project. It is important for me to know the interests and hobbies of my clients and the way they see their house functioning to best serve them and their families. I begin every client relationship with a questionnaire. This is our “get to know you” moment where I ask specific questions that help me grasp how to tailor the interiors to the client for their lives.

Bespoke pieces can really make a room “work”. All of those inches make such a di?erence!

Favourite room to design
I love to design kid’s rooms because they can be really fun and colourful. I also love a room that we get to design from top to bottom. We recently turned a wasted bar area into a cosy bedroom suite, and it was amazing!

Features or pieces that can inspire you to create a whole room design around them
A really amazing wallpaper! I love incorporating prints and I am all about the mix and how it flows through the design. I am always on the lookout for eye-catching materials that can bring an entire room together.

Favourite room in your home
I’m really excited about my new bathroom and our library. The library has floor to ceiling bookshelves which I’ve always wanted in my home!

Favourite item in your home
My Lacanche range of course, also known as my fourth child.

Home comforts
Good upholstery for sure. Lots of layers. Books. Artwork that you love!

While away the hours
I am part of a French Cookbook Club, so I enjoy spending lots of my time cooking. Landscape design and garden planning is another love of mine, but I do not like to garden, haha! I also like to needlepoint and I’m always planning my next trip somewhere!

What’s next?
My own house is almost complete, and we can’t wait to move back in. The actual construction has taken about 9-10 months, but it has been a project almost three years in the making.

How did you come to work with Collier Webb?
We met at a dinner last fall with Wells Abbott in Dallas as part of their introduction to town.

Favourite Collier Webb pieces
The Bamboo Lamp and the Moon Sail cabinet knob which I am ordering for my own playroom.