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Five Minutes with d’Erlanger and Sloan

25th June 2020

Having honed their skills at Veere Grenney, Emilia d’Erlanger and Anna Sloan established their own studio, d’Erlanger and Sloan in 2008. Their flair for timeless, comforting interiors has led them to be awarded a space on the House and Garden Top 100 list. We talk to Emilia and Anna about the influences behind some of their beautiful projects across the UK, US and Europe.

d’Erlanger and Sloan
We have always been conscious of the spaces around us and the unquestionable impact they have on your well-being and outlook. It is this combined with a love of ‘beautiful’ items; things that tell stories, evoke memories or enhance spaces, that have led us down this interior design path. We started out our careers with Veere Grenney who’s meticulous attention to detail and clear aesthetic had a lasting influence. Other influences are Jaime Parladé and his creation of effortless, lived in, interiors. The exquisitely subtle play of material and texture of Rose Uniacke. The ingenious layering of Robert Kime. Inevitably influences are much wider than the world of interiors however. The wonderful use of colour by Gaugin, the mastery of pattern by Klimt, the clean lines of Picasso’s sketches. A love and appreciation of the natural world and its preordained aesthetic.

d'Erlanger and Sloan sitting room
"A love of ‘beautiful' items; things that tell stories, evoke memories or enhance spaces"

We always love the challenge of any new project, whether chalet in Switzerland, family home in London or English country house – each bring with it its own exciting design brief, architectural remit and individual characters. All of which have a profound impact on the direction of the design.

Signature look
There is no one size fits all with design and as such we tailor our design to the client, the architecture, the setting.  We always focus on quality pieces with character whether new or antique. We like houses to tell stories, that give a sense of its inhabitants and their personalities.

Advice for aspiring interior designers
Work with an established firm for hands on experience and mentorship. Use the best supplier’s you can find and not scrimp on quality. Encourage clients to buy the best they can as it is not necessarily about the immediate impact, an interior becomes more beautiful as it is layered over time.

d'Erlanger and Sloan interior design
"We like houses to tell stories, that give a sense of its inhabitants and their personalities."
d'Erlanger and Sloan interior design
"An interior becomes more beautiful as it is layered over time."
d'Erlanger and Sloan interior design
"The desire to create spaces that are unique to the client and their needs."

Much of what we supply is bespoke. Not only are there practical reasons for this, size, finish etc. but the desire to create spaces that are unique to the client and their needs.

To be able to step away from mass produced items whenever possible is key to our design and also to our belief in environmentally and ethically sound goods. The quality, knowledge and retention of craftsmanship and traceability is fundamental.  You combine all this with the customer service that comes with such items and it is a no brainer. As a designer, we want the ordering process to be as smooth as possible, with any tweaks and queries easily communicated.

Favourite room to design
We find joy in each room and the challenge of making the most of every space, combining function with aesthetic.

Features that inspire room design
Fireplace and view!

How do you want your clients to feel about the houses you design
For them to be lived in comfortably.  A feeling of timelessness yet nothing is too precious.  Everything has its place.

Collier Webb Cannon lamp in verdigris finish
Left: The Collier Webb Cannon table lamp in Verdigris

Home comforts
A deep down sofa to sink into, upholstered in soft linen and collection of various patterned cushions.

While away the hours
Gardening and generally spending as much time outdoors as possible (we both have small children!). Painting is an unending passion and therefore as well as taking time to do this I try to visit the latest exhibitions, always a source of inspiration. Generally spending time with loved ones, eating, drinking and enjoying the small things!

What’s next?
A Palm Beach project which we have commissioned some beautiful bespoke handles for.

How did you come to work with Collier Webb?
We have always loved the beautiful hardware!

Favourite Collier Webb pieces
The Urchin knobs and Cannon table lamp.

To find out more about d’Erlanger and Sloan visit their website derlangerandsloan.co.uk

Collier Webb Urchin bespoke door hardware
The Collier Webb Urchin hardware range of door and cabinet handles